Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Kite Adventure

One day Bob The Bear went outside.  The weather outside in the Dark Forest was on a warm Spring day. There were gusts of wind moving through the forest that day. Bob thought that this would be a perfect day to fly his kite. Bob’s kite was shaped like a silver and green dragon. This was a very special kite from his great-grandfather.  His great-grandfather gave it to him before he died.  Bob used this kite every time there was good kite wind in the forest. Bob left his oak tree and walked all the way to the clearing in the Dark Forest that everyone called Goodyear Heights. Bob was sailing his kite in the strong gusts of wind when all of the sudden, Bob fell down.  The special silver and green dragon kite was safe in Bob’s grasp. There was a problem! Bob injured his leg. His leg was sprained and it hurt to walk on it.

At home in the tree, Bob’s mom was getting worried.  Bob was not home for dinner.  Bob was late and it was getting dark.  

Bob was limping home in the dark carrying his kite when he saw Ben The Beaver riding his bike.  Ben had his special firefly lantern and it helped them see in the darkness.  Ben helped Bob get home in the dark.

“Why weren’t you home Bob?” Asked Bob’s Mom when he finally got home.

“I think I sprained my leg Mom.” Bob said as he came into their tree house limping.

“Would you like me to take you to the hospital Bob or let me just wrap it in gauze?” Bob’s Mom asked and was very worried.

Bob replied, “I’ll just let you wrap it Mom.”

That night Bob stayed up late and watched his favorit show called “How To Build Things From Wood.”

About a week later he was feeling much better.  Ben came back, and they both went kite flying again. They had a fun time together.  When they went back to Bob’s house they had a snack of chocolate stripe cookies and milk.

The End.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Broken Mouse Trap

 Once upon a time there lived a happy brown bear named Bob The Bear. One day Bob went outside to play and found a giant mousetrap. Bob got his finger stuck in it! Bob was sad and scared.

From out of nowhere, Bob's daddy came up and got stuck in the mousetrap too! Things were bad until Billy The Billygoat came up and broke all of the mousetraps with his horns. Billy stomped all over the mousetraps until they were all gone. There were only smashed pieces of wood left from the mousetraps. Bob and his daddy were happy and thanked Billy for saving them. They all jumped up and down together and had a really great weekend and a good week too.

Later that night, Bob sat next to the fireplace and had a cup of milk and played checkers with his mommy. They lived happily ever after. The end.

Bob The Bear And The Nature Video Game

One day, Bugbeard Skullface came back and knocked on Bob’s door.  Bugbeard said, ‘I have the
Bugbeard Skullface
seeds to replant the tree that I cut down for my ship.’

Bob and Bugbeard went outside in the forest and planted the seeds.  These were magical seeds from a forest very far away.  This forest was on the other side of the ocean in another forest.  

The seeds looked strange.  They were the color of red blood.  They had the texture of the top of a sponge and they smelled exactly like honey.  These seeds were so special, and magical that if you were to buy them in a store, they would cost more than one hundred dollars.  There were three seeds inside a small purple velvet sack with a drawstring made of bear leather.  When they planted the three seeds in the ground, something very strange happened.  Suddenly, the seeds sprouted.  In only a few seconds, the entire new tree shot into the air.  This was no ordinary tree.  This tree, was known as a Portal Tree.  This was the rarest tree in the entire universe.  The portal tree had leaves, broad thick leaves the color of great maroon.  The bark of the Portal Tree was different than any other tree because it had the texture of cold glass.

Bob was very excited.  Bugbeard was not surprised because he had planted other trees just like this one before.  Bugbeard showed Bob how to use the Portal Tree.  There was a special branch with an orange color band on it.  When you pulled on this branch, a video screen popped out of the tree to project a portal.  Within this screen, a person could play a strange kind of video game.  This game was in 3D.  In this game, you swatted at bees to capture honey.  The game was called, Nature Invader Bees.  Bob and Bugbeard played the game for a very long time in the forrest.  While playing the game, there was a programming glitch -- a real problem.  Bugbeard and Bob were stuck in the game and they COULDN’T GET OUT!

It took a very long hour for them to defeat all of the Invader Bees and capture all of the honey.  Once they had all of the honey, they were able to escape the Portal Tree.

Their prize for playing the game was that they were able to take home more honey than they had ever seen in their lives.  

When they got back to Bob’s tree, they made toast with honey.  They enjoyed their snack and talked about the Portal Tree.  

Bugbeard left to return to his ship.  

From the ship, Bugbeard yelled out to Bob “Goodbye friends. I’ll come back sometime soon.”

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Green Umbrella

Once upon a time, there lived a brown bear named Bob The Bear. Bob lived in the Dark Forest. One day, Bob went for a walk in the forest. In the forest, Bob met his friend Billy The Billygoat. Together, Billy and Bob went walking in the forest.

They were deep in the forest when suddenly a big dark storm drifted over them. It started raining very hard. Instead of going back home, Billy and Bob decided to play in the rain and get all wet and cold. Out of nowhere Bob's Mommy brought them a big green umbrella. Bob and Billy were very happy because now they could play in the rain under the umbrella.

Suddenly, out of nowhere came a strange scary bear from a different forest. This strange bear said "Roooooaaaaarrrrrrr!!!!!!!" Bob got brave and asked the strange bear to come play a game of pinball with them. The strange scary bear liked that idea and they became friends playing pinball together. Everyone went back home.
Bob The Bear was careful not to forget to bring the big green umbrella home. When Bob got home he thanked his Mommy for the umbrella. They were very happy together. The end.

Lady Bug Mystery

Once upon a time in the Dark Forest, there was a brown bear named Bob The Bear. One day Bob went looking for his friend Flo The Lady Bug. Flo was nowhere to be found. Bob looked everywhere, it was a mystery.

Bob asked Billy the Billygoat to help find Flo. Ben the beaver did not know where Flo was. If Bob could not find Flo, he would not be able to have a lady bug party.

After looking for some clues, Bob found a trail of ladybug footprints. He followed them all over the Dark Forest. After walking a long way, Bob heard a voice.

"Hi, Bob. What ya been doing all day?" It was Flo. She was sitting on Bob's shoulder the entire time!

Bob and Flo had a big party and lived happily ever after. The end.

Bob And The Foam Bricks

Once upon a time at Christmas, Bob The Bear and Ben The Beaver got foam bricks from a commercial on television.  The foam bricks were colored tan.  Bob and Ben tried to build an entire house for Ben The Beaver.  The house had to be big enough for an entire beaver family.  While Bob and Ben were building the house with the foam bricks, Ben’s Mom and Dad gave him a watch that had a picture of Ben The Beaver on it.   Ben’s Mom and Dad also gave Bob The Bear a watch with a picture of Bob The Bear on it.

After they finished the house, they built an airplane.  Bob and Ben then flew the airplane to China to buy a load of Chop Sticks for their Moms and Dads.  While they were shopping for Chop Sticks in China, they also found a Harry Potter paper weight and Harry Potter toys.

While Bob and Ben were in China, they happened to meet Mike S. and his Dad, Mom, his little brother Jadon, and their grandma and grandpa.

Mike’s Dad asked, “Can we all fly home together?”

Bob The Bear replied “Yes! We can all have milk and cookies when we get home.”

They finished their shopping in China and then flew back home to the Dark Forest.   Once they were home again, they gave their Chop Sticks to their Moms, the Harry Potter toys went to their Dads, and the Harry Potter paperweights they kept for themselves.

Everyone enjoyed milk and cookies in Ben’s new foam house.  Everyone was comfortable sitting in the foam house.

The end.

Bob's Football Game

Once upon a time there lived a brown bear named Bob the Bear.
One day, Bob the Bear’s dad was going to take Bob to a surprise place.  They drove to the place and Bob said “did you take me to a football game?”
Bob’s dad said “you will have to wait until you get in the stadium Bob the Bear to see.”
They went into the stadium. Bob said “I was right!” Then, Bob played in the football game.  Bob’s football team was called the Grizzlies.  The other team was called the Cheetahs.  The Cheetahs were all real cheetahs and Bob’s team were all real grizzly bears.
The Cheetahs got 1,000 points.  The Grizzlies got 9,000 points.  The Grizzlies won and Bob screamed so loud that he couldn’t scream any louder.
The football game was very fun and there 21 grizzly bears there.  There were also 21 cheetahs there.